Carpet Booming

When I was a kid my family moved around a lot. We would never seem to stay in one place too long, and were always getting used to new surroundings. I remember hoping that there was a carpet in the bedroom I would share with my two older brothers. Carpet had a certain softness, warmth and feeling of home to it that a hard surface could never quite match. Most times there would be carpet in the bedrooms and sometimes it was NEW carpet. Even as I have aged, I still have a sense of comfort knowing that I will wake up in the morning and plant my feet on a soft cushion of cut fibers.

This is probably why I don’t understand the movement I see where so many consumers gravitate toward hard surfaces. Maybe it’s a convenience driven move, because it’s easier to wipe up a spill or use a dust mop to sweep the floors, but for me carpet is still home. In Long Beach, carpet can still be a design element that brings luxury and warmth to the room where it is installed.

Carpet has a color pallet that can match any room or décor in Long Beach homes. Carpet tiles can add a sense of playful youth to a room through the mixing of bright colors in a random pattern, creating a crayon box quilted effect. In your Long Beach home, carpet can just be traditionally installed to soften the room from color contrasts and harsher design elements like metal and stone.

At Bixby Plaza Carpets, we understand how to match the style of carpet, the color of carpet and the design of the room, to create a one of a kind effect that shows your unique style, while staying within your budget. We have the knowledgeable and professional installers on call to lay the carpet with a craftsman’s deft hand and show you how to maintain your carpet over the long haul. So come visit us at our Huntington Beach or Los Alamitos showrooms and let us be your one stop carpet headquarters.