Orange County Is One of the Best Group Destinations in America

At Bixby Plaza Carpets, we try to keep our ear to the ground when it comes to real estate issues that may affect our area and our customers. We were very pleased to see a recent story in which it was detailed that Orange County, CA and many of its cities are still a top destination for many types of groups. This is great news for those who have rental properties in the area, as well as for many vendors located in coastal areas. The first part of the story went like this:

“The setting, climate and activity offerings of the coastal cities of Orange County provide that iconic Endless Summer atmosphere that lives in the imaginations of all attendees. Once a laid-back getaway to cool off from the inland, the coastal region, from San Clemente to Seal Beach, is now a full-fledged meetings destination with ample meeting space, accommodations and activity options far beyond catching waves.”

When there is a lot of activity such as this, homeowners and business owners alike often look for the best carpet cleaning Orange County, CA has to offer. No one wants visitors coming into a home or business, only to see dirty carpeting. The good news is that we are one of the best in the county when it comes to professional level carpet cleaning. Orange County, CA property owners want the best, and that is what we provide to them.

There are many benefits to keeping your carpeting clean aside from its appearance. Did you know, for instance, that dirty carpets often become damaged due to the sharp pieces of debris that may be lodged deep within the fibers? As this debris is moved, it can cut the fibers, leaving you with those annoying “fuzz balls” that are so hard to vacuum up. When we clean your carpet, we do a deep, thorough cleaning that removes any deeply seated debris.

Our crews are highly trained, and they use the most modern equipment. We do not use any toxic chemicals, and our products are safe for both humans and pets. Best of all, we are affordable. No one beats our prices for the same level of services that we offer.

If you are looking for the best carpet cleaning Orange County, CA has available, come by our showroom in Huntington Beach or Los Alamitos and let us show you why we think we offer the top carpeting cleaning services in town.