Get the Best Carpet Cleaning in Orange County, CA After Bad Weather Hits

Bad weather can do many bad things to carpeting, and when that happens, homeowners need the best carpet cleaning in Orange County, CA. Mud, debris, dirt, and other unwanted materials can easily be tracked into the home, and it is always best to get rid of that debris as fast as possible. Here is just a short reminder of how the weather can change here in a short amount of time.

“A "mini storm" is heading to Southern California, and should bring light rain late Friday and Saturday along with below-average temperatures and gusty winds in some areas, forecasters say. The storm should hit Orange County late Friday afternoon with a 40 percent chance of rain. From northern Orange County through the Inland valleys, about a quarter-inch could fall.”


For many homeowners, carpeting is one of their expensive investments inside the home. Of course, they want to protect it whenever possible. And one of the best ways to protect carpeting is to give it the best carpet cleaning in Orange County, CA, and that can found at Bixby Plaza Carpets.

It is not by accident or coincidence that we are able to provide such a high level of quality. When you visit one of our showrooms, you will find that we have a select group of professional carpet cleaning companies who have all passed the tests of consistent quality results and customer satisfaction. These same excellent companies can clean your carpet to exceptional levels.

In addition to providing high-quality results, Bixby Plaza Carpets is also affordable. Our rates are very competitive, and our customers appreciate this about us, time and time again. But, while are rates are low, we do not sacrifice on quality products that are used during your carpet cleaning. Your home or business will look fresh, smell fresh, and be rid of any annoying allergens. What more could you ask for? And, why pay more for less?

And lastly, while you could do this work yourself, why would you want to? It could take hours finding all of the equipment, tools, and cleaning products that you will need to get a thorough cleaning...and then you have to do the work!

When bad weather mucks up your carpet, come see us at Bixby Plaza Carpets. We have two showrooms, one in Huntington Beach and one in Los Alamitos, CA. When you want the very best carpet cleaning in Orange County, CA, we are the place to visit first.