Inside and Outside California Shines Brightly

At Bixby Plaza Carpets, we sell some of the most popular Long Beach carpet systems in the state. We specialize in helping people get the most out of the interiors of their homes and businesses, but we also enjoy sharing information with our readers about outdoor issues. We came across a story recently that we felt was important and would like to share it with you.

“From beautiful beaches to arid mountain ranges, sunny California enjoys a range of climates well-suited to outdoor living. However, these diverse regions, combined with the tendency for seismic activity and the threat of wildfires, pose unique challenges for structures like decks and balconies.”

Source: <a href="">A Safe Approach to Decks, Balconies</a> by staff.

The story goes on to detail how homeowners can, and should, think of safety issues when they are considering home improvements. We feel the same way. The home should be safe as possible, inside and out, and we are doing our part with our high-quality Long Beach carpet offerings.

How can carpet be safe...or unsafe? The simple answer is that some brands of inferior carpeting give off fumes that can be harmful if they are inhaled over a long period of time. These fumes come from certain types of chemicals that are used in the production of these cheap carpeting systems, or in the dye that is used for coloring the fibers.

We are different. We simply do not sell any flooring, including our famous brands of Long Beach carpet, that contain harmful or toxic chemicals. Our dedication to your safety is one of our main priorities, and it is a duty that we take very seriously.

When you shop with us, you will find brand names such as Mohawk, Shaw Floors, Mannington, and Armstrong, to name a few. These companies have been producing some of the finest flooring for decades. They do not use harmful chemicals in their manufacturing processes, and we believe our customers need to know this. These are also the same companies that are producing the most popular lines of flooring on the market today.

It is simple. If you are looking for new flooring for your home or business, stop by one of our showrooms; we are located in Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos, CA. Come and see the many options we have available for you in Long Beach carpet and other types of quality flooring.