Intro to Tile: What's the deal with all the types?

There is a wide range of floors choices out there these days – and many of those choices are tile. – With all of these choices, one has to ask 'How do you discover which choice is perfect for you and your home?" We have put together a summary of assorted tiling choices so you can discover which is for the floor coverings demands of your home. Here are the introductory items you should know while shopping for tile!

• Ceramic Tile: This is the generally the most frequently used type of tile. Ceramic tile is useful for high-traffic places, such as workplaces, kitchens and bathrooms. It is also usually the most economical style of tile.

• Porcelain Tile: Porcelain tiles are fired at a greater heat than ceramic tiles, which cause them to be more resistant to dampness. As a result, porcelain is a good option to be used in restrooms, kitchen areas, along with other high-moisture, high-humidity locations, like cellars.

• Quarry Tile: This type of tile is comparable to porcelain tile. This unglazed (low-gloss) tile is considered the most durable form of tile, and it is perfect for manufacturing setups. Unlike a lot of other kinds of tile, quarry tile may be used both in the inside the home and out on a patio. Nevertheless, people who choose to utilize quarry tile in a domestic environment will need to place a glaze over-coat, or a sealant of some kind, to help maintain the look of your beautiful home.

• Mosaic Tiles: Mosaic tiles are a lot smaller that other types of tiles. They are frequently found in textile mesh sheets or pre-mounted sheets. Mosaic tiles are a good fit in small locations, such as half-baths, or backsplashes in the bathroom and kitchen.

• Natural Tile: These types of tiles are frequently the most costly. Natural tile is actually the most stylish – and the most durable – tile choice. Therefore, natural tiles can endure more traffic for an extended length of time compared to ceramic, porcelain and quarry tile. Natural tiles are available in a range of types: onyx - a nice fit when using the tile for more of an ornamental use; granite - this tile is the most resistant to water and is also very hard. Granite is a perfect fit for kitchens.; travertine - This is the most costly of all natural tiles, but it will last the longest. Travertine is a good option for restrooms. These three options are only a few associated with the all-natural tile.

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