Is Quartz Flooring Right for You?

Quartz flooring is quickly becoming the hot new trend for homeowners with a home improvement project on their hands. Aside from being sustainable, quartz is less expensive than marble, granite, and/or travertine, and it looks absolutely beautiful! Needless to say, however, quartz floors require a very specific style of care. It may be trendy, and beautiful, but is quartz flooring right for you?

Here are some tips and tricks to caring for your new quartz floor; after reviewing our suggestions, you can decide if this is right for you!

• Quartz is a naturally occurring mineral. As such, in order to properly clean and care for it, a mineral-based cleaner must be used to clean the floor if it gets dirty.

• As with most other tile types that have a naturally occurring mineral base, it’s important to keep excess debris off of the floor, and it’s equally important to keep a barrier between the floor and anything that would potentially chip, crack, or break the floor (this includes furniture). Don’t walk across your quartz floor in high heels or athletic spikes. Put coasters between the bottoms of furniture and the floor to prevent scraping.

• Never clean the floor with ammonia, bleach, or citrus based chemicals.

• Be sure to care for the grout as well as you care for the rest of the floor. Grout, like quartz, is a penetrable substance. Therefore, it needs to be sealed at least two times a year. In addition, like quartz, it’s a naturally based substance, so treating it with harsh chemicals is counter-productive and will cause wear and tear to occur that much quicker.

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