Long Beach, CA: Dazzle Your Homes with Carpet

According to the website, visitlongbeach.com, shopping is one of the main attractions. The site says “Long Beach offers everything under the sun.”

“Everything under the sun” includes Long Beach carpet.

Okay, everyone, you know what this time of year means! Impress everyone with your stunning Long Beach carpet. At Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring, we boast the largest selection of all kinds of flooring, not just carpet.

These days, carpet comes in all colors, textures and patterns. Neutral tones are great because they coordinate with almost anything—so just changing a bedspread or dust ruffle can refresh a room. If you want some extra “pow,” layer with an area rug.

More than that, though, we give every customer a complimentary design consultation. Each designer is highly trained and can advise you on integrating your existing décor with the new.

Get the most out of the design consultation

Preparation is crucial in any home design, but especially when it comes to your Long Beach carpet. See a design in a magazine that you like? And really—it can be design from anywhere—it doesn’t just have to be Long Beach or Orange County.

So bring in the article! Let us see fabric swatches, samples, paint chips—in short, let us see everything you can think of.

Now we’ll also ask YOU a lot of questions, such as what is prompting the new design, how many people live in the home, does anyone have any special needs—that type of thing.

Remember, your relationship with your designer will continue long after you have selected your Long Beach carpet The consultant will walk you through every step of your project—and when you admire your beautiful floor after it is installed, remember it all started with a Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring design consultation.