Put Your Home’s Best Foot Forward with Carpet Cleaning

Some critics argue that it concentrates too much on personalities but, like it or not, the Bravo reality show, “Real Estate Wars, Orange County,” can teach us a thing or two about keeping our homes looking their best.The more appealing the home, the quicker the sale, and it can be as simple as applying a fresh coat of paint, or cleaning the carpet.

“Orange County ‘Real Estate Wars’ to debut on Bravo TV July 6,” Orange County Register.

It’s amazing what a professional carpet cleaning can do; it comes alive and looks like new. The colors will pop, and even the overall texture will be improved. Schedule a professional cleaning at least every two years."

Source: www.ocregister.com

Here’s why it’s so important to let the experts do it:

1. For years, Bixby Plaza Carpets has been taking care of Orange County, CA, making it a lot less likely to make common mistakes, like not rinsing well enough, or using too much detergent.
2. Our trucks deliver hot water, making for more thorough cleaning. If you rent a machine, you’ll pour hot water in, and hope it doesn’t cool off too quickly.
3. Our machines are powerful, much more so than those rental steamers.
4. We make sure that we extract water thoroughly to prevent mold, mildew or floor damage caused by wet carpets.

No matter how careful you are, however, you’ll still spill, track in mud and dirt, or find pet hair. Regular maintenance by you is a must, and that starts with regular vacuuming.

Avoid common mistakes such as:

● Not blotting. When you scrub or rub a stain, you only embed and spread it.
● Air drying. Of course you’ll need to wet a stain, so dab it, cover it with a cloth and then place a heavy, but non-staining object, such as a book, on it. The cloth will absorb the water.
● Over wetting. If the carpet won’t dry, you’ll see mold and mildew very quickly. It can also be harmful to the flooring, as well as unhealthy!

A family-owned and operated business, Bixby Plaza Carpet has been servicing the Orange County, CA area for over 46 years. We care about your satisfaction! Visit with us at one of our showrooms in Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos.