Time to move out(doors)

Not long ago, an outdoor space was likely the patio or deck or grill area. Perhaps there might have been some seating around a fire pit along with the requisite seasonal furniture. Or your interior space might flow to the pool, deck or patio, making for what was really an indoor-outdoor space.\

Then a new trend developed and emerged – designing outdoor spaces or as some call them “outdoor rooms.”

Here is how this emerged…people wanted to move out. Eureka! Interior designers had come to recognize two things: First, that there is only so much one can do inside the home, only so many “frontiers.” A room’s function defined its artistic design form. Kitchens. Bedrooms. Living and dining rooms. Family an entertainment rooms. Baths and spas. An addition might present the opportunity to do more of the same theme. But what if there was a new living space to conquer? So the outdoor room represented a whole new design horizon.

Second – and this design trend continues to be quite strong – is the desire of owners of residential and commercial property to “bring the outdoors in.” That is, people want their spaces defined by nature. You see it in carpet designs of flora and fauna. Wood and stone, of course, are natural materials. And you can see all of that re-interpreted in ceramic and porcelain tile, laminate, resilient and rugs. The look of outdoors of nature, is embedded in interior design; it makes us feel good, just like this time of year.

With people trying to connect with nature and their growing desire to be outside, it was just natural that designers and decorators would be looking to outdoor spaces as a new frontier in décor. This is how we got from here from there.

So designing an outdoor room as an extension of your home and living space is something to discuss with your local flooring retailer…especially when it comes to flooring.Lots of choices…