Do Better Jobs in Orange County Mean Higher Home Prices?

Anyone who has been paying attention to the local housing market will know two things: We have been selling a lot of homes lately, and those homes are selling for much higher prices. Why is this? According to some experts, the reason is jobs...good paying jobs that are being created in the area that allow folks to qualify for a higher priced home, and allow them to pay higher mortgages, too. We saw this in a recent story, and here is the first part of that story:

“So, how can Orange County be coming off its best year for home sales in a decade when, by one measure, only 1 in 5 households can comfortably finance a home purchase? One word: Jobs. Last year, 37,881 homes sold in Orange County, the fastest pace of purchasing since 2006. And the year finished with the median selling price for all residences hitting a record $665,000, according to CoreLogic.”


There is a down-side to this, however, and that has to do with those who live here already and may not be able to move up in terms of buying a new home. In other words, they are staying where they are for now. When this happens, those homeowners want to make their homes as nice as possible, and one way to do that is to take advantage of the best carpet cleaning Orange County, CA has to offer.

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