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Four Easy Tips to Minimize Indoor Messes

At Bixby Carpets and Flooring, we know carpet cleaning in Orange County isn't always easy. If it's not the kids tracking mud throughout the house, it's the dogs shedding all over the place. As such, our Huntington Beach & Los Alamitos showroom experts have come up with this list of 4 easy tips to minimize indoor messes. Drastically reduce soft surfacing disasters with this great advice!

Tip #1 - Enforce a Strict No-Shoes Policy
It's your home, so don't feel uncomfortable about enforcing a strict no-shoes policy to keep Orange County carpet cleaning to a minimum. Keep an array of slippers for guests at the door, to reduce any awkwardness about asking people to remove their footwear. Still feeling weird about it? Then explain to your guests that your new rule ensures your family is protected from outdoor pollen, allergens, and harmful bacteria. 

Tip #2 - Clean Up Spills Immediately
Clean spills and other food mishaps from Orange County carpets immediately to reduce the likelihood of stains. Once food stains set in, it may be impossible to eliminate it entirely from your beautiful surfacing. From pet poop to spaghetti sauce to red wine, you might need to use a stain remover to get rid of leftover marks. However, do make sure you use one that's approved for use on your particular type of soft surfacing.

Tip #3 - Place Mats at Each Entryway
Place a mat at each entryway to remove excess dirt or gunk from your pet's feet. Although we suggest you also clean their paws after entering the home, these mats will ensure they don't track in so much outdoor dirt. Additionally, mats are also a means to clean off the bottoms of shoes upon entry. 

Tip #4 - Why Not Have That Party in the Yard?
Consider having your parties and family get-togethers in the backyard. In doing so, you'll keep visitors from traipsing all over your lovely surfacing, minimizing the need for so much carpet cleaning in Huntington Beach. Use a sign to direct folks to the nearest washroom, and keep a well-stocked cooler on the deck with drinks to further lessen foot traffic inside.