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Four Signs Your Soft Surfacing Needs a Total Overhaul

Regular carpet cleaning in Orange County assuredly helps to extend the lifespan of your soft surfacing. However, if your flooring is damaged, frayed, or torn, Orange County carpet cleaning may not be enough to save it. At Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring, our Huntington Beach & Los Alamitos, CA showroom experts answer a lot of questions concerning soft surfacing, particularly with regards to whether or not a new installation is necessary. As such, our flooring pros have come up with these 4 signs your surfacing needs a total overhaul:

#1 - Stains That Won't Come Out

Try as you might, you may have a few stains that simply won't come out. Even with professional carpet cleaning in Huntington Beach, there isn't much improvement visually. Over time, the stain resistant finish on most types of fibers can fade, eventually leaving it unprotected. So, if you find yourself using rugs, furniture, and potted plants to creatively mask stains, it may be time to shop for something new.

#2 - Wear-and-Tear Damage

Noticeable signs of wear-and-tear damage points to the need for a total overhaul. When you've forbidden your kids from lying down on it, or if even your pets refuse to take a nap on the surfacing, it's likely time to consider the inevitable. Deep cleaning your Orange County carpets is one thing, but when they're damaged beyond repair, you can't expect the pros to turn back time on your wall-to-wall.

#3 - A Stink That Never Disappears

Sometimes, with pet mishaps or food spills, odors can stick around for a while. But after a few months and a deep clean or two, there shouldn't be a lingering smell that just won't go away. In this case, whatever liquids spilled on the fibers probably penetrated the pad or sub-floor, and quite possibly caused mildew or mold growth. At this point, there's no two ways about it, you'll need to replace the soft surfacing.

#4 - Padding That's in Rough Shape

Without the padding underneath, the fibers are simply a thick layer of fabric. In essence, the underlayment acts as a foundation, supporting the surfacing and creating cushioning underfoot. Additionally, it not only improves insulation, but it also offers sound buffering. Again, over time, and with a whole lot of liquidly spills, the padding can deteriorate. Signs of deterioration include a crinkling noise when someone walks over the surfacing, noticeable wrinkles in the material, and a general unevenness.