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Keep ‘Em Healthy--Professional Carpet Cleaning Will Help!

It’s kind of tempting to fire up those wood burning fireplaces, especially now that the temperatures have been dipping. But don’t. There will be some days that mandatory bans, because of high pollution, will be in effect; in fact, there was one just last week. by Ashley Ludwig.

Speaking of pollution, that also makes us think of allergies and asthma, and that makes us think of the importance of professional carpet cleaning. It’s often overlooked, but professional carpet cleaning does a lot more than just keeping your carpets looking great; it keeps your family healthy. When there are contaminants, we inhale them. At the least, breathing is difficult but, at most, it creates allergies and asthma.

Think about the kids, too, because they’re often on the floor. That will lower their immune system, making them susceptible to coughs, colds and other respiratory infections.

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Let’s talk about some common health problems you can avoid with carpet cleaning.

1. Pollution: The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) says dirty carpets are like a petri dish of indoor pollutants. There’s dust, particles, even (eek!) roach allergens, not to mention toxic airborne gases. Even the most high-powered vacuum cleaner won’t get them out; only a professional carpet cleaning can get out the bacteria.
2. Mold: If you have allergies and asthma, you’ll know just how dangerous this is, because mold creates airborne spores that can be inhaled, and do those spores love dirty carpets, because they can sink right in. It’s even worse in an area (like SoCal) that has high moisture-levels. Get them out of your home with regular professional carpet cleaning.
3. Dust mites: These are dangerous, because you can’t see them so you don’t realize those body fragments are around, and that leads to allergies. Professional carpet cleaning will use steam, at such a high temperature that the mites can’t possibly survive.

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