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Orange County homeowners ask: Does carpet make a room bigger?

Yes, it does, because it can trick the eye. When the installation includes one big rug there are fewer seams. Fewer seams mean fewer visual breaks, and that gives the room an expansive atmosphere.

Keep in mind that it’s also about proportion. For example, a sleek sofa or chair has a light, airy feeling but, at the same time, gives you plenty of seating space. On the other hand, a large, overstuffed one will only crowd the space and close in the walls.

Same goes for area rugs. When the installation is correct, and they are anchored by furniture, a carpet can separate and define areas. That makes the room bigger, but a lot of little rugs will only make your Orange County home look small.

How does it improve indoor air quality?

The answer is simple, Orange County. Carpet traps pollutants and undesired particles in their fibers. Everything in the installation stays put and no particles fly in the air.

Moreover, according to the Carpet & Rug Institute, new carpet is the lowest VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emitting flooring choice available. It acts as an air filter.

Benefits of carpet

●Safety: With this kind of installation, OC kids and pets can run around without their parents worrying about them crashing into walls and hurting themselves. If they do fall, so what? It’s a soft surface, so they’ll just fall on something cushy and fluffy.
●Noise reduction: Fabrics tend to absorb vibrations, so they don’t bounce all over the walls. You won’t hear footsteps, beeping devices or muffled phone conversations. We also know how outdoorsy OC residents can be so if there’s any noise from bikes or running you won’t hear that either.
●Style: Carpet has a large assortment of colors, constructions, and fibers from which to choose. There's an installation for everyone.
●Energy savings: Orange County has a fairly mild climate, but it does get chilly now and then, as it did last February. A rug will keep you warm and toasty, and if you do need to turn on the heat, the installation will hold in that warmth.

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