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Why do I have ripples in my wall-to-wall after carpet cleaning?

After a professional carpet cleaning, wall-to-wall carpeting may sometimes display ripples. However, this is not a normal occurrence and is, in fact, the result of improper installation. Most likely, during installation, the material wasn’t power stretched to move it into the correct position. More often than not, what happened instead was the surfacing was simply cut-to-fit and knee-kicked into place, to then be tucked under the baseboards.  

What happens to incorrectly installed carpet over time?

Wall-to-wall that is loosely laid can contribute to latex degradation over time. On the underside of the wall-to-wall, there is a latex layer that holds together two backing layers of the carpeting. When this type of degradation occurs to the backing, it is called delamination. In turn, delamination can cause small waves or ripples to appear in the material.

Why do ripples show up after carpet cleaning?

In many cases, homeowners don’t realize their wall-to-wall was improperly installed until after professional carpet cleaning was performed. That’s because the spraying of cleaning agents and rinsing of the fibers moistens the material, loosening it slightly. As such, ripples from improper installation that were not noticeable to begin with will be more visible at this point.

Will the ripples eventually disappear?

Even when you call on experts to clean your fibers, some ripples will show up if your surfacing wasn’t well-installed. However, professional cleaning won’t cause more damage to wall-to-wall. In most instances, soft surfacing will simply go back to its previous state once it dries. However, in very rare cases, the ripples in the carpeting don’t completely disappear. Normally, this happens when the surfacing was installed very poorly.

What’s the fix for this problem?

There’s only one fix for this problem and it involves the tool that was supposed to be used in the first place: the power stretcher. After the carpeting is cleaned and dried, a professional installer can remove the material from its attachment points in the room. To do so, the space must be free of any furniture and the carpet must be clear. Next, the power stretcher will be used to refit the carpet and reinstall it.

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