Are Sea-Floating Neighborhoods in Our Future? Some Say Yes

California has a housing shortage problem; that is no secret. From San Francisco to Orange County, CA, people are finding it harder to find suitable housing in the state. There are have been some ideas on how to fix this problem, but we recently saw one idea that truly got our attention. In simple terms, building living spaces of man-made structures that are set out into the ocean. Here is the first part of this interesting story:

“Why can’t we solve California’s devastating housing shortage? Because the proposed solutions – suburban sprawl, denser construction, granny flats, affordable housing mandates, regulation exemptions – are all built on the same flawed premise that housing must exist solely on land. And California’s combination of strict rules and anti-density NIMBYism makes it impossible to build the housing our population needs. So what if we build our housing future at sea?”


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