Area Rugs 101: Which Rug is Right for You?

When it comes to selecting the right area rug for your home decorating project, the overwhelming selection of styles, shapes, colors and textures can lead to sensory overload. So, which area rug is right for your project? Let’s take a look at the different types of area rugs.

  • Oriental Rug: This area rug has often been a connotation of wealth…and, perhaps, rightly so. This is the most expensive area rug option, and there are two different types of Oriental rugs: silk Oriental rugs, which are woven with silk and gold (thereby making it more expensive), and wool Oriental rugs (woven with wool, making it less expensive than its silk counterpart, but an investment nonetheless).
  • Persian Rug: This area rug is the stuff of folklore, finding its way into everything from pop culture to fairy tales. Even though there are over 10 different styles of “Persian” rugs, one quality remains the same: bold, colorful designs and even patterns.
  • Flokati Rug: This area rug comes from the island nation of Greece, and has a shag-type texture and feel. Often, wool is used to create this rug, and while the technique is ancient, the look is timeless.
  • Braided Rug: This area rug has a thick “pile,” giving the room an American country feel. Because of its thick texture, this type of area rug is the most durable, and is perfect for high-traffic areas (such as a child’s room or an entertainment room).
  • Inlaid Rug: This is the most eclectic style of rug, and this is where your imagination – or that of your designer – can run wild! The best carpet designers can take any design you come up with – or any design they come up with – and put it down!

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