Beat Those Summer Allergies!

To most, summertime is the greatest time of year. The weather is beautiful, the temperature is perfect for hanging out outdoors and drinking cold drinks, and everyone is in high spirits. Well, almost everyone.

For people with allergies, summertime can be a sneeze-filled, congested time. A nightmare of wheezing and coughing. It becomes less a time of cold drinks and barbecues, and more a time of allergy meds and suffering that can't end soon enough.

For many, it seems like an insurmountable problem with no recourse for relief. But there are things you can do to minimize the impact of summer allergies, Orange County, CA, and carpet cleaning is one of the best.

To many who live in Orange County, CA, carpet cleaning is a frequently overlooked weapon in the endless war on allergies. Few people realize just how great an impact this simple act can have on this all too common problem.

Carpet can act as a trap for all sorts of allergens. Pollen can get stuck in the fibers and kicked up by daily foot traffic. Moisture left to sit on the carpet can develop into mold, which then spreads spores around the house leading not only to inflamed allergies, but also the growth of more mold. Likewise, pet dander and various other pollutants may also get trapped in the fibers.

Finally, the most disgusting thing for anyone, whether they have allergies or not, is that dust mites can live in the pile of your carpet. These nasty little critters are invisible to the naked eye, but their presence can be sensed easily by those with respiratory or allergy problems. The dried desiccated corpses of these pests get ground up and aerosolized by foot traffic, causing all sorts of health problems. Not to mention that it's just plain gross!

So, if you are one of the many people suffering from allergies in Orange County, CA, carpet cleaning may be just the thing you need to alleviate some of your summertime allergy blues.