Carpet 101

You are embarking on a new adventure in your home. You are about to replace the current flooring in a room and want to go with something that is warm and inviting. Hard surfaces just aren’t what you are looking for. Welcome to the world of carpet. In Long Beach, carpet has become a mainstay for home décor. Having a cut pile carpet in your bedroom, to sink your toes into as you exit the bed each morning to begin your day, is something of a luxury.

Though some people prefer a hard surface for their floor and buy an area rug to place over the surface, there is still something about feeling that softness each time you walk across the room. Only carpet can provide that feeling in your Long Beach, home.

Carpet used to only come in rolls. You would cut it to size and then piece together oddly shaped pieces to fill in corners and in cubbies to completely cover the subfloor. Now there’s a new kid on the block, Carpet tile. Carpet tile is made of squares or planks of carpet that are attached to a backing made of resin and paper. This provides stability and the tiles are usually glued down to the subfloor.

The carpet tiles can be placed following the same linear pattern to create the flooring look, or it can be rotated by ¼ or ½ turn every time a tile is placed creating a different appearance for the flooring. Carpet tiles come in a loop construction for commercial use, or a cut variety for home décor. Carpet planks can be placed in a geometric configuration to create a weave pattern on the floor.

In Long Beach, carpet flooring type offers multiple choices. That’s why at Bixby Plaza Carpets we have a knowledgeable and courteous staff to help you choose the right carpet for your project, while staying within your budget. We also have the professional installers you need to make sure your carpet is set in place properly in your Long Beach home. Come see us and let us be your carpet headquarters.