Carpet Cleaning Can Save You Time

Carpet Cleaning Can Save You Time

Isn’t it funny (strange, not ha-ha). We often use the phrase “time is money,” but we seldom apply that philosophy in our personal lives.

We try to cut corners on things like carpet cleaning, but if you do it right the first time, it will be a much more efficient process.

Here’s how professional carpet cleaning by Bixby Carpets and Flooring in Orange County can save homeowners time.

Vacuuming and More Vacuuming

Orange County Carpets are installed in homes in an area where we live an athletic, outdoorsy lifestyle, close to the beach. We constantly track in dirt and sand on the soles of our shoes. Very often, that dirt will also have moisture, so you’ll bring that into the house as well.

Also, sand acts like little razor blades; cutting into the fibers, so in Orange County, carpet cleaning is a must, because you’ll want to get rid of it ASAP! As a result, our carpets can look dull and matted, so we just keep trying to bring back the luster, but they’ll always look dirty.

You spend an enormous amount of time vacuuming or scrubbing the same area over and over again. That won’t do it, however, and It’s just like when we let a favorite article of clothing go for a while without being professionally cleaned. The stains set, so it always looks dirty.

More Ways to Save Time

Whether it’s carpet cleaning in Orange County or elsewhere, think about those rental machines: You spend time dragging it to and from the supermarket or hardware store. You spend time trying to steam clean the carpet. You spend more time going over and over the same stain, trying to get it out (but you can’t because every stain is different and this one might require a different soap).

You might even spend time trying to correct common newbie mistakes, such as using too much soap, or not rinsing well, not to mention the time you’ll spend trying to get out smells, such as mold and mildew when you can’t dry your carpets fast enough.

That goes also for your carpet cleaning, Huntington Beach!

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