Carpet remnants: What are they and how can I use them?

Sometimes, when you want to fix a small problem with your flooring, you don’t exactly want to dish out a load of money on a brand-new carpet installation in Orange County. That’s where remnants come in, providing the right amount of a material to solve a great many issues.
While they can go a long way, even with other kinds of renovation projects, it’s essential to understand what remnants can do, and not do for you. That’s why we’ve come up with this article at Bixby Carpets and Flooring, thanks to our Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos, CA showroom professionals.
What exactly are remnants?
Essentially, remnants are the remains of a roll of carpeting. In some cases, our showroom acquires quality remnants from manufacturers by request from clients. These clients, who have previously had a carpet installation in Orange County, have for whatever reason run into an issue that requires an extra, small section of material.
The pros of using remnants
Convenient and affordable – The reduced costs and convenience given by remnants of a carpet installation in Orange County, is by far the biggest advantage. While some folks need to use them to cover a damaged section of their carpeting, others request them for project purposes.
Premium quality – Whatever you do, don’t think what you’re getting is sub-par, because it’s end-of-the-roll. Rather it’s the opposite, as we only carry premium quality materials at Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring. By chance, they simply happen to be a fraction of the cost of the original pricing.
A quick, temporary solution – Again, because of it’s low cost, remnants are a great solution, making for an affordable temporary fix.
How can I use remnants?
Stair Runners – Do you have wood flooring throughout your home, including on the stairs? Have you ever wished there was something you could do to make that section of your home safer for your kids and pets? Well, carpet remnants, in the form of a stair runner, are an excellent solution to prevent family members from slipping down stairs.
Area Rug – Remnants make great areas rugs, and you can cut them down to various sizes. Also, compared to the cost of an original area rug from the store, you can save yourself quite a bit of money with this simple trick.