Changes Inside the Home: Are they All Good?

Have you noticed how many things are changing that we use everyday within our homes? It is somewhat amazing, in fact. From big screen televisions mounted on the wall to LED light bulbs replacing the older incandescent lights. Even flooring is changing. New types of laminate and vinyl flooring are coming onto the market, and in Long Beach, carpet options are becoming so numerous they are hard to count.

We recently saw an article about one of the most popular changes taking place concerning LED lighting. We thought you might enjoy it, too.

“Light-emitting diode (LED) light bulbs have transformed home lighting since coming on the market. Despite proven benefits that far outweigh older lighting options, like incandescent and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, many people remain hesitant to make the switch. It’s time to finally dispel some common LED myths and get the real facts about these light bulbs so you can choose the best lighting for your home.”

Source: <a href="">See the light: Get the real facts about LED bulbs</a> by Brandpoint.
It is that last sentence that we find most helpful. Getting the facts about anything we buy these days is a good idea. At Bixby Plaza Carpets, we have felt, for a long time, that it is our duty to share as much information with our customers are possible when it comes to Long Beach carpet options. No one can make a good decision unless they have the information they need first. For this reason, our staff spends as much time as needed to explain our flooring systems.

One of the issues we like to share with our customers is that when it comes to Long Beach carpet options, there are many to choose from. When you shop with us, you will find excellent carpet brands such as Mohawk, Armstrong, Shaw, and many more. These are brands that consumers have trusted for decades now, and that means there is no mystery when you buy from these names.

While it may be challenging to decide which LED bulb is best for your home, it is not difficult to find the best carpeting in Long Beach. Simply come visit with one of our sales staff and get all of your questions answered honestly and quickly.

If you are thinking of making changes to your Long Beach home with new carpet, come and see us at one of our showrooms in Los Alamitos or Huntington Beach, CA before you buy elsewhere.