carpet cleaning

Do your carpets need a little attention? Call the pros!

No matter how well you take care of your Orange County home's carpets, eventually you are going to need a cleaning. Like anything else in life, there are a couple of ways you could go about your Orange county carpet cleaning, rent a machine and do it yourself, or call in the pros.
Before you decide, there are a few things you should know! Here's the lowdown on why professional Orange county carpet cleaning services are the clear choice over a DIY job:
Rental machines don't hold a candle to professional equipment.
Those carpet cleaning machines you see all over Orange County are tempting because of their price, but like so many things in this world, you really get what you pay for. Those machines lack the power required to get the job done properly, and, in fact, aren't all of the tools you need to really get the job done right. Professional carpet cleaners don't show-up with just a modified vacuum cleaner when you call them, they bring out the real big guns to get it done properly.
How many years of experience do you have cleaning carpets?
Anyone who has a talent or special knowledge in a specific area knows that things are usually much more complicated than they appear to be on the surface. There are little lessons about how things need to be done that you learn through experience and familiarity with a task. Carpet cleaning is no different. Sure it looks like you just roll a machine over the carpets until they are clean, but there is much more to consider than that. You could be making huge, costly mistakes, and never realize it until it's too late! Which brings us to our final point...
You can seriously damage your carpets if you don't do things correctly!
The final outcome of the two previous problems of DIY carpet cleaning reaches their culmination in this final warning. Weak or improper machinery combined with inexperience, can lead to disastrous results for your carpeting that could result in the need for total replacement or even health risks.
If the machine is too weak to lift all of the water from the depths of the carpet, mold and mildew can start to take hold. These dangerous environmental pollutants can cause serious respiratory illness if left unchecked, and will definitely require the total replacement of your carpeting. This is merely one example of the many things that can go wrong. Why gamble on such high stakes with such a low reward?
We're here to help!
If your carpets are ready for a once-over, and you'd like to be sure you get a quality carpet cleaning for your Orange County floors, Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring is here for you! Simply contact one of our showrooms in Huntington Beach or Los Alamitos to get started!
Our well-equipped, veteran carpet cleaners have all of the skills and tools, to ensure that your carpet cleaning goes off without a hitch. From Huntington Beach to Los Alamitos, savvy homeowners know who to call when their carpets need a touch up!