Dream It In Tile Then Create It In Style!

Ceramic or porcelain tile, stone, a stunning area rug, even the occasional, unexpected use of wood in your floor décor –– will set the stage for the rest of your masterpiece.

Kitchens, baths and spas can be one of the most creative areas in your home. While they should look intriguing, they don’t have to be complicated.

For example, ceramic and porcelain tile present endless opportunities for creativity. There so many sizes and shapes from which to choose-- from mosaic to very large format tiles-- and varying geometric forms. Then there are the many colors and textures to marvel over. And the finish...will it be matte or glossy?

With the right products and the right partner to help, your design challenge should be delightful not daunting. It’s a good idea to choose a professional who can guide you when it comes to selecting the right type of tile, since all porcelain and ceramic tiles are not necessarily appropriate for all uses.

Did you know that the ceramic tile which is manufactured for use on your walls won’t stand up to daily use on your floor? Or that porcelain tile can be used outdoors? Well, they certainly can.

Your flooring professional can introduce you to the world’s most fascinating colors and styles, from terracotta to glazed porcelain, and then show you how to create unique textures and personal floor designs (walls and ceilings, too!)

As your project partner, he or she won’t encourage you to save the best for last. You don’t want points of interest like listellos, medallions and other trim and accessory pieces (and lighting, of course) to appear as an afterthought –– not after you’ve put so much into making your kitchen, bath or spa distinctly you!