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Exploring the Necessity of Carpet Padding

Are you about to install wall-to-wall carpeting? Be it a living room, bedroom or basement, don't skimp on padding! Often overlooked but oh-so-necessary, padding is a vital addition to Orange County carpets. While unseen, this underlay is an essential part of your floors, serving as the foundation on which to install carpeting.

Believe it or not, this sublayer is designed to not only add underfoot comfort, but also to protect your chosen flooring material. While your feet are treading back-and-forth up top, that padded layer works to prevent the underside of your flooring from wearing down.

But that's not all! There's a long list of advantages that padding provides. We've got the scoop at Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring, so check it out!

Absorbs Impact of Heavy Foot Traffic and Furniture
Without padding, your flooring wouldn't feel right, and that's because it creates a softer underfoot feel. At this time, you may be wondering, "Isn't that the whole point of adding underlay?" The answer is both yes and no, as this material is multipurpose. Also, not all padding is created equal. What makes for an excellent underlay for some flooring, produces less comfortable padding for another.

Increases Overall Cleaning Efficiency
Underlay makes overall cleaning much more efficient. When vacuuming flooring fibers that have padding, it's a lot easier for the machine to suction dust and dirt. Thus, cleaning becomes much more efficient, and this increased suction allows for a cleaner environment, which leads to a reduction in allergic reactions.

Absorbs Noise and Dampens Sound
Padding absorbs household noise and dampens sound. While this quality is highly appreciated in upstairs rooms, it comes in handy in every location of the house. Plus, underlay provides thermal insulation, great for lowering those heating bills.

Protect Padding With Carpet Cleaning in Orange County
Protect your padding with carpet cleaning in Orange County. How, you may ask? In Orange County, carpet cleaning extends the lifespan of both your flooring and underlay. When you use professional carpet cleaning, Huntington Beach residents ensure less dirt and grit get into the fibers, lessening the chance of wearing down the padding.