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Got Pets? One More Reason You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning, Orange County

Odors and stains and pet hair, oh my!

We love our pets. They’re part of our family, but we also love our homes. Carpet is a stylish addition to any design, and Orange County carpets already have a lot to deal with, what with proximity to water, the outdoor lifestyle, the heat and humidity, and pets.

Fear not, though. You don’t have to give up your carpets just because you have a pet, but regular maintenance is a must, and that includes regular, deep carpet cleaning, Orange County.

In fact, requirements for carpet cleaning, Huntington Beach, are often included in the manufacturer's warranty, with stipulations that damage won’t be covered, unless you do have them cleaned at certain intervals.

Don’t just wait until the professionals come, because you can do a lot to keep them clean in between; for instance, vacuum regularly so pet hair doesn’t accumulate. Here are some tips from your friends at Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring.

Here’s Why You Should Let the Professionals Handle Your Orange County Carpet Cleaning

● The professionals know exactly what type of soap works with different stains, and that includes water temperature!
Sometimes something may make all the sense in the world to you, but it can really be detrimental. As an example, often heat will just set the stain, but most of us have been taught that only hot water can get something really clean.
We might think we’re doing the right thing, but it only makes it worse. The longer a stain sets, the more difficult it is to get out.

● Pet odors can be exacerbated if not removed properly. We’ve all seen them; those enzyme treatments that claim to remove odors.

However, did you know that chemical residues in your carpet may actually block them from working? And things like baking soda and white wine vinegar will just mask the odor, not remove it entirely. Pets will be pets, and that means they’ll keep going back to “mark” their territory.

If you try to do it yourself, you just may create another odor: mold and mildew. Professionals have high-powered machines that can dry a carpet immediately, but you’ll let yours air-dry and it’ll stay soaked down to the padding.

It only takes 12 hours for mold and mildew to grow. Then it’s good luck to you to try to get rid of that smell!

Be sure to come into the Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring showrooms in Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos, CA, and we’ll show you how to keep everything looking great.