Hottest Summer on Record Forced Huntington Beach Inside

When it comes to a new carpet install, Orange County residents and business owners have been hitting the flooring retail outlets in droves. From Newport Beach to Huntington Beach, the summer heat this year has made staying inside not a luxury but a necessity. The intense heat was not an imaginary heat either. It felt hotter because it was hotter. For many, staying inside gave them time to think about new flooring systems, and many are still thinking about it as the weather continues to surprise the residents of southern California.

According to a recent story on ABC7, there is much science behind the unusual weather and perhaps some dire predictions:

“NOAA's is forecasting warmer than normal temperatures for all states north of the Mason-Dixon line, the West Coast and Alaska and cooler than normal temperatures from New Mexico to South Carolina. U.S. coastal regions can expect wetter weather for the winter as well. And it may not just be a record setting summer -- meteorologists predict that 2015 will be the hottest year ever.”

Source: ABC7 This" class="redactor-linkify-object"> Summer Was The Hottest On Record
Just how long the heat will stay with those living and working in and around Huntington Beach is debatable. Some of the old-timers believe that because this was the hottest summer, we will see the coldest winter. Others, however, believe the winter will be warm and wet. In either case, this may be best time to get that new carpet install Orange county homeowners and business owners are thinking about.

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