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How often should I vacuum my carpet?

A common question we get at our showrooms pertains to vacuuming frequency. Clients often ask how often they should vacuum their carpet installation in Orange County. A frequent mistake homeowners make is to wait for their flooring to look soiled to vacuum. Truthfully, if you wait this long to clean your soft surfacing, chances are you’ll run the risk of issues with deeply embedded dirt and stains. To avoid such problems altogether, and the possibility of premature wear-and-tear on your carpet installation in Orange County, it’s essential to adapt a regular cleaning and vacuuming routine.

Frequency of upkeep for soft surfacing

Keeping your fibers looking new is quite simple and straightforward. In short, a daily and weekly care regimen is necessary – but don't worry, it's nothing overly complex. Having said that, do take the time to read through the maintenance and care guide that comes with your carpet installation in Orange County. Also, before purchasing your flooring, speak to your on-site showroom professionals to clarify the ins and outs of flooring care. The following are the basics of caring for your carpeting.

Daily –

  • Spot check your flooring to see if there are any problematic areas, stains or wet spots.
  • Vacuum areas that see high levels of foot traffic to remove superficial dust and dirt.
Weekly –

  • Vacuum medium level traffic zones at least twice a week.
  • All other areas should be vacuumed weekly, even if the fibers look perfectly clean.
Every 18 months –

  • Regardless of how much foot traffic the area sees, your carpet installation in Orange County should get a professional cleaning every 18 months to remove oily dirt and deeply embedded particles. Additionally, this will help to maintain an overall uniform appearance and refresh its texture.
Professional cleaning for your carpet installation in Orange County

If you have soft surfacing that sees a lot of regular traffic, or if your busy household includes messy kids and even messier pets, you may require more frequent professional cleaning. Remember, don’t wait for everything to look dirty to call in the experts, it may be too late to salvage your installation!