How Do I Determine How Much Money To Spend on My New Flooring?

How many times have you gone out to make a purchase and started out with a budget only to be disappointed in your choices? Or after looking at your choices you could see that your budget was inadequate.

Although having a budget may seem like a good idea, how can you possibly know what to spend until you determine what you like and what meets your needs? It is foolish to settle for something that you don’t like just to replace your flooring. Here are some suggestions to help you determine what your project might cost.

1. Determine how much flooring you want to replace. Are you looking for an update or is your present flooring looking terrible? Is fashion an important consideration or must your flooring be more practical?
2. Talk with your friends who have purchased flooring and their experiences. What stores did they shop and who would they recommend. Ask your friends what they liked most about the stores they shopped?
3. If you need more choices, use the internet to find companies that you might want to shop. Once you find them, do a search on the company; what are customers saying about them? Check out the company’s web site, how do they display their products, do they have information on their store, can you email them directly to discuss your special needs?
4. What are your particular needs? Do you have pets, kids? Do you live in the country or the city? How much maintenance are you prepared to do?
5. When you find a couple of stores that seem suitable, bring your list of rooms to discuss with your salesperson.

It’s not always important to know what you're looking for in floor covering, it’s more essential to know-how and where you are going to use it. You may be thinking that you’re looking for carpet and after talking with the flooring professional you feel that laminate is a better choice for your situation. Explain to your flooring professional your concerns before you look at products. Why look at something when it really doesn't fit your needs, and you may not even like. Once you’ve shared your concerns the salesperson can show you what’s available.

If you haven’t bought flooring in a while, you may have sticker shock on the prices. Like anything else, flooring prices are also subject to economy changes and availability of raw materials.

Many flooring stores have their own credit card with unique financing offers. Even if you don’t see any signages ask if the store has a specific credit offer. Using financing may allow you to get what you really want in contrast to settling for a lesser product.