How to Create Fabulous Looks For Your Home Using Custom Area Rugs

Area rugs can help you customize any room in your house. If you can’t find the readymade size, you need it’s time to create your own. Any good flooring retailer can help you design the sizes and shapes that you need for your home. You just need to bring your ideas to the store and have them create what you need.

First determine the rooms where you would like to put your new area rugs. Not all rugs need to be of identical shape or size to make the room look interesting.

Consider tying a theme to your area rugs; is there a pillow that inspires you or is it a color in your wall paper? It may even be a flowering plant in your back yard. When it comes to coloring don’t forget to bring paint your samples. These can be picked up from any paint store. You might want to bring a best-loved pillow or painting to give you some ideas. Take photos of your “favored things” as well as the dimensions of the room.

Area rugs are a great way to expand space, and a way to change the feeling of a room. Yellows and reds will make a room feel warmer and cozy and blues and greens will make a room feel cooler.

If you’re putting area rugs over carpet, and why not, stay in 30 inches from the wall. This will help you create a picture frame effect. If you’re putting rugs on bare floors, consider the pattern and the color of the floor.

If you have oversized furniture, the area rug should be 24 inches larger than the furniture. You can have the front legs of the furniture sit on the rug and leave the back legs off. You can also have all the legs on the carpet or all the legs off! All the design rules have been broken; whatever you like will work. Bringing photos of the room will help you decide how the room will lay out.

When it comes to the dining room chairs it makes more sense to extend the rug least 24 inches from the edge of the table. This rule allows the chairs to sit comfortably on the rug and make them easier to move in and out from the table. This is hard to achieve if you purchase a rug off the rack, but if you can have them, custom made it’s a lot easier.

To create interest, consider combining different style and rug shape for the same room. When it comes to the bedroom, a small rug will look good at the bottom of the bed. If you place the bed on the rug, it will look best if the rug extends beyond the width of the bed to look balanced.