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Let’s talk about pet stain odors – and how to get rid of them

At Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring, as you can imagine, we get a lot of questions about carpet cleaning. But the main question pet owners ask about carpet cleaning in California concerns pet stains. Simply put, homeowners want to know how to get rid of discolorations and stains, as well as the odors that often come along with them. When temperatures increase and humidity rises, the weather further exacerbates these issues, causing quite the stink in the home! Let’s go over what can be done about odors and stains, including how a carpet cleaning service can be of great help.

Professional-grade, specially formulated digester

When you’ve lost all hope of getting rid of those embarrassing yellow stains – and the sharp odor that comes with them– professional carpet cleaning can help! The experts have access to a wide range of industry-grade products that can remove unsightly discolorations and urine deposits. For instance, a specially formulated digester can solve nasty odor problems by treating the surface material. However, only an inspection will reveal the full extent of urine seepage into the padding below the carpeting.

Minor issues versus big problems

Usually, if the odor issues are minor, a carpet cleaning service team can resolve the problem rather quickly with spot treatments, and often in just one visit. In severe cases, though, the entire wall-to-wall may require deep cleaning. When stains are particularly bad but are small spots spread out in various places, another solution after thorough treatment can be to dye the affected fibers to mask the discolorations. Very seldom are there cases where the surfacing needs to be completely removed and replaced.

Restoring a healthier indoor environment

By having your fibers professionally treated, you not only restore the beautiful look of your flooring, but you also restore a healthier environment to your home. Odor-causing bacteria left behind from urine stains can lead to mold – which can lead to a host of other unhealthy conditions.

Additionally, it’s essential to address the cause of all that smell – your pet! If your furry friends aren’t house-trained yet, the key to a clean home is to train them as soon as possible. If an aging pet has ladder issues, then placing urine absorbing pads in a designated area may solve the problem. Also, consider asking your carpet cleaning service if they have products to deter animals from urinating in the same area.

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