New Year, New Laws for California...And Lots of Them

For California residents, the new year will bring in many new laws. In fact, there are over 800 new laws getting ready to hit the books, and they cover a myriad of issues from carrying concealed weapons to consumer protection actions. From where a person can ride a hoverboard in LA to getting new Long Beach carpet installation, there is, at least, something for everyone.

The Los Angeles Times ran a lengthy story on some of the new laws, but not even they could cover them all. With more than 800 new rules coming onto the books, California may top the list of states in terms of how many laws are being enacted in a single year.

In part, the Times story said:

“Californians face new restrictions on carrying guns, protections from warrantless searches of their emails, immunity from city fines for installing artificial turf and higher pay if they earn minimum wage under laws that take effect with the new year.

Many of the 807 bills signed into law touch on broad aspects of California residents’ everyday lives or address major issues like voter participation, and life and death.”

Source: <a href="">Higher pay, hoverboards and vaccinations: Hundreds of new laws in California</a> by Los Angeles Times.
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