carpet cleaning Orange County

Orange County Carpet Cleaning for Your Home

Carpet is an excellent choice for your floors, but keeping them clean is a maintenance procedure you simply can’t skimp on, no matter what. It helps keep your floors looking great and smelling fresh, all year round, and can even extend the life span of the material. If you find yourself in need of carpet cleaning in Orange County, allow us to give you some important insights.

Bixby Plaza Carpet and Flooring is family owned and operated, and has been serving homeowners since 1971. We are entirely dedicated to providing you with the best products and services at every turn. We know how important your floors are to you, and so they are just as important to us. To learn more about Orange County carpet cleaning, feel free to stop by either of our showrooms in Huntington Beach & Los Alamitos, CA. Our flooring professionals can help you find exactly the service you’re needing.

The Importance of Professional Carpet Cleaning

It is certainly possible to clean your own carpets, and there are an array of machines that you can rent or purchase to get the job done. However, if it’s not your line of expertise, and if you have not had experience in cleaning your Orange County carpets, you might make some very common novice mistakes.

One such mistake is using too much water, or not properly extracting the water from your carpets after shampooing. This can cause a lot of problems you might not expect. Mold and mildew can easily grow in damp, moist, warm areas such as this. It’s not only a health hazard, but it can do lots of damage to your flooring, and create unsightly stains that are harder to remove.

Overly dampened carpet can also pull the color right out of your wooden or metal furniture legs, even causing rust in some places. These stains can be permanent, so it’s very important to make sure your floors are properly dried before replacing furniture.

Another mistake comes in the chemicals used to clean with. Some are much safer than others, while some can be dangerous to children and pets. When combined with improper rinsing and water extraction, this can create carpets you wouldn’t want your loved one's playing on, especially if you’re not sure.

For even more information about carpet cleaning in Orange County, feel free to stop by with any questions that you might have.