Orange County, do you want a great carpet installation?

Isn’t it great to step onto a fluffy floor first thing in the morning? While we automatically assume the bedroom carpet doesn’t require much in the areas of durability, stain or spill resistance in this room’s installation, anyone with jumping kids, knows that it isn’t necessarily so.
A bedroom is more than a place to sleep these days. You might have kids and pets running in and out, or you might use it as a sanctuary to read, write, exercise (some people even section off an area of that room as a gym), watch television and meditate, etc. You might even have your morning coffee there while reading the paper.
So think hard about your lifestyle, wear and tear, stain resistance and even possible fading issues. Also remember that The OC is a pretty outdoorsy, athletic place where sand and moisture can be tracked in. All of that needs to be considered when choosing carpet for your sleeping sanctuary. Maybe it is low traffic, but maybe you’re also an active, casual family whose lifestyle requires a durable installation in that room.
Other things Orange County residents should think about with their carpet installation
●You can use more than one carpet in a bedroom installation. It can establish areas; for example, you can have something plushy like Saxony or Frieze near the bed, while you can have smaller, accent rugs in areas, such as home office corners. If you really love wall-to-wall, you can still do that. Just lay the accent rugs over the carpet.
●Think about texture. Many want a high pile, because it’s a great noise insulator and, let’s face it; we all love to step on to something soft, whether we live in Orange County or Maine. If that doesn’t suit your taste, you can always opt for another weave, such as a cut and loop.
●Color. Right now, the bold, vibrant colors are popular, but they can make a room look a little cramped. Many use soft pastels or neutrals that blend with the wall color, and that makes the room seem larger.
For inspiration on this, or any other room, come into the Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring showroom in Huntington Beach or Los Alamitos to speak to one of our experts.