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Orange County Homeowners Learn the Joy of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Are you addicted to reality shows? More specifically, are you addicted to those real estate reality shows?

You’re in luck, because “Real Estate Wars,” which is set in Orange County, CA, starts up on Oct. 12: by Marilyn Kalfus.

Even if you aren’t addicted to these shows, you might want to tune in if you’re planning to sell your home, because you’ll pick up some interesting tidbits.

That brings us to an important point, staging, which means cleaning and shaping up your home. And nothing can turn a prospective buyer off faster than a dirty, smelly, worn-looking carpet. So do yourself a favor and call Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring for the best carpet cleaning in Orange County.

When you hire a professional carpet cleaning company, they’ll use heavy-duty, state-of-the-art machinery that will clean very deeply, lifting out dirt, debris, dust mite infestation, pet dander, trapped pollutants, and bacteria. Those rental machines can only go so far. Let’s also remember that the powerful machinery makes it more possible to lift out those tough, stubborn stains.

Especially in high humidity areas, dirty carpets are more prone to developing mold when they’re near moisture. When you’re near the water, moisture easily gets tracked in with shoes and, if not treated, becomes the breeding ground for mold and mildew growth. Professional carpet cleaning, especially in a place like Orange County, which is so near the water, eliminates that challenge.

Still think you can clean it yourself? One of the biggest mistakes everyone makes when they try to clean the carpet themselves also becomes the biggest reason, aside from pets, for odor. That is using too much water, and leaving soapy debris. Professional carpet cleaning will remove excess water, so the carpet dries fast and it will, of course, get out all of the soap. Otherwise, you’ll create a breeding ground for mold and mildew that will smell up the house, and make the eyes and throat itch and scratch!

Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring was founded in 1971. A family-owned company, the company is the expert when it comes to carpet cleaning in Orange County, CA. Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring also carries a large inventory of carpet, hardwood, tile, and laminate, and has two showrooms: Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos, CA.