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Over Wetting: The #1 Danger of Skimping on a Carpet Cleaning in Orange County

Let's talk seriously about carpet cleaning, Orange County. We all know that it is an important aspect of maintaining and protecting your flooring investment, but sometimes we can lose sight of the fact that saving a little money now can mean spending a whole lot of it later. Which brings us to the topic at hand: Over wetting.

Over wetting occurs when too much water is used to clean a carpet, or the machinery used in the cleaning process is improperly handled, or lacks the power to remove excess moisture. This remaining moisture then causes all sorts of problems with your Orange County carpets. So, what are the dangers of over wetting?

Carpet Shrinkage

Excessive moisture and heat during an Orange County carpet cleaning can cause your carpets to shrink up as they dry. Natural fiber carpets are particularly susceptible, but it can happen to just about any carpet under the proper circumstances. An experienced carpet cleaning company in Orange County would have the experience to assess any risk factors to avoid shrinkage, and take steps to avoid the problem.

While it is possible to re-stretch carpet that has undergone mild shrinkage, there eventually comes a point where full replacement is your only option. This is one of the most compelling reasons to go with the pros!

Do You Smell That?

Over wetting is also responsible for musty and dank odors, after a less-than-thorough carpet cleaning job. The excess moisture gets trapped in the darkness beneath your fiber, and creates the perfect environment for bacteria, fungus, and mold to thrive. These biological contaminants can even cause serious health problems if left unchecked!


Mostly a problem you find in wool and jute backed carpeting, stains will often spontaneously start to appear after the cleaning. These stains are the result of previous soil being wicked to the surface of the fibers from the base, as the moisture clears from the fiber.

An experienced technician will know how to avoid this often irreversible problem.

Are You Ready for an Orange County Carpet Cleaning?

If you are looking for carpet cleaning services in Huntington Beach or the surrounding area, why not cut out the risk of over wetting altogether, and go with the pros at Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring? Our family owned and operated business has been servicing carpets in the Orange County Area since 1971, and our reputation for customer service and attention to detail is exactly what has allowed us to remain open all these years.

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