PET Flooring (recyclable materials)

Do you ever wonder what happens to the bottles we systematically toss into bright blue trash cans? Most of us don't give much thought to recycling beyond the small part we play in the process. It may come as a surprise that many of these products do circle back into our lives, in this case beneath our very feet.

Plastic bottles are given new life in homes in a few different ways. As far as flooring goes, they are recycled into carpet and tile products.

Carpeting made from recycled plastic is created by melting down the bottles, stretching them into thin fibers, and weaving those threads into a durable and comfortable fabric. This description may seem daunting, but the resulting product is just as soft and luxurious as more traditional carpet fibers. PET carpeting, as it is known in the industry, also boasts other qualities that are unique. Aside from the obvious sustainability benefits, PET carpeting is resistant to moisture and other types of wear (ideal for homes with pets or high-traffic areas), and comes in many hues that last with time.

Another, newer way to embrace recycled plastic in the home is in the form of recycled floor tiles. These are similar to ceramic tiles in terms of variety of appearance, but they stand apart in a crucial way. Unlike similar materials, many PET tiles can be snapped into place without adhesive and over problem areas such as basements. These qualities make it a favorite for home DIYers.

When looking into types of flooring for your lifestyle, it can be easy to forget that "greener" options exist. Recycled and sustainable products are not yet completely mainstream, so extra research may be necessary to meet these standards. However, if environmental preservation is a priority for you, it is well worth looking into these recycled options. Whether your lifestyle calls for carpet or tile, there's something for everyone.