carpeting on stairs

Prevent slips, trips, and falls by adding carpet on stairs

In households with children and individuals with mobility issues, stairs can be a real problem. Even with a sturdy railing, those shiny, smooth stairs can cause unsteady walkers to slip, trip, or fall, which can end up being very dangerous indeed. However, there is a simple solution to this problematic situation: Carpeting. By opting for a carpet installation in Orange County, you can greatly reduce the likelihood of any incidents occurring, possibly even eliminating the challenge altogether.
Increase drag
When you add a carpet installation in your Orange County home, or even just a section of carpeting along the stairs, you, in essence, increase drag. That means having the material underfoot creates a point of friction, thus slowing down movement. Basically, what the carpet does is slow you down when you’re using the stairs. And, in turn, lessens the likelihood of slippage.
Reduce slip
Having a thick, padded carpet installation or runner reduces the chances of slipping down the stairs, by adding a protective barrier between your feet and the smooth – quite possibly slippery, surface of the wood. Not only will this protective barrier add drag and slow down your movement, but it will also reduce slippage by covering up the slippery slats. In short, carpeting covers up the prime suspect that causes stair falls.
Add cushion
And, in the event that someone does fall, a carpet installation in Orange County homes would give people a softer landing. Truthfully, you just can’t compare falling on wood with falling on soft surfacing, because it’s just two different experiences. With wood, we’re talking about a very hard, firm surface with no give at all. Whereas with carpeting, the material is, all in all, a great, big cushion. And so, it pays to add carpets to stairs to prevent people from falling, as well as protect them in the event of such an occurrence.
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