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The Truth Behind Allergies and Soft Fiber Surfacing

Soft fiber surfacing has endured countless years of bad reputation with allergy sufferers. 

Unfortunately, this is due to a common, long-standing misconception centered around fibers and allergens. People were led to believe that if they had health-related breathing issues, such as asthma or allergies, they should avoid this type of surfacing altogether. However, according to current studies, the opposite is in fact true. Now, let's explore how soft surfacing, coupled with regular carpet cleaning in Orange County, creates a healthy, clean living space. For more information about Orange County carpets that are also hypoallergenic, stop by our Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring showroom in Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos, CA, to talk to our knowledgeable, on-site pros.

How to Entrap Airborne Impurities and Particles

Thanks to soft surfacing, fibers trap airborne particles and impurities, keeping the air in your home clean and allergen-free. However, to make sure allergens aren't released into the atmosphere, those microscopic nasties eventually need to be removed with both regular and deep carpet cleaning. Huntington Beach homeowners will need to follow a few essential soft surfacing care tips.

Keep Dirt Outside the Home (As Much As You Can)

As much as possible, limit opportunities for dirt, grime, and other equally yucky gunk to enter the house. To minimize these occurrences, add extra mats at entryways, placing them just inside doorways. When guests arrive, ensure that they remove their shoes or boots, before entering your residence. Doing so will significantly lessen the likelihood of allergens invading your home.

Schedule Regular Vacuuming for Your Soft Surfacing

It can be difficult to decipher how often you'll need to vacuum your soft surfacing. Typically, it depends heavily upon the level of activity in your home, as well as whether or not you have pets. Usually, we recommend high traffic areas are vacuumed every day, compared to light traffic areas that require weekly attention. When purchasing a vacuum, consider a CRI-certified machine, as they're known to be gentle on soft surfacing, while being equally capable of deep fiber penetration.

Hire a Professional Crew

For professional deep soft surface hot water extraction, only hire expert Orange County carpet cleaning teams. When you attempt to putt off a DIY, you might end up making things much worse. Should your surfacing not dry out correctly, it may grow mold spores, naturally creating a health hazard. Instead, a skilled, experienced crew will guarantee optimal results.