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Three reasons to consider a professional Orange County carpet cleaning service

Many people think that the most they have to do to keep their Orange County carpets looking great, is to stay on top of vacuuming them. While it's true that vacuuming is an important aspect of carpet cleaning in your Orange County home, there is more to keeping them in great shape than that!

If you're one of the people who rely only upon their vacuum to maintain their carpets, there are a few things you should know! Here are three reasons to rethink your position on hiring an Orange County carpet cleaning service for your home!

It's good for your health

One of the biggest impacts an Orange County carpet cleaning service can have on your home is on your health. One of the great things about carpet is its ability to capture airborne pollutants, and trap them in its fibers until they can be properly removed. While vacuuming covers the day-to-day removal of these pollutants, only a professional carpet cleaning can truly make your Orange County home's air truly clean and safe.

Your warranty requires it

Most carpet warranties feature a clause that requires you to have your carpets regularly cleaned by a professional cleaning service, if you are to remain in compliance with and continue to enjoy the protection of your warranty.

Failure to do this could mean you end up holding the bag in the event that an actual design flaw emerges in your carpeting. Better safe than sorry!

Your carpets will last longer

Only professional cleaning can get all of the gritty dirt and greasy residue that builds up in your fibers out of it. This grit and residue have a sort of domino effect on the state of your carpets. Greasy build up mats fibers, and causes grimy dirt to cling to cling to them. This causes a spiral of degradation that comes about from the gritty dirt eroding your carpet, while the grease attracts and holds more staining, damaging dirt. Without intervention, your carpet's service life will be drastically cut.

Are you ready for a carpet cleaning in Huntington Beach or Los Alamitos?

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