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Three things to consider before pulling the trigger on cleaning your carpets

So, it's finally time to consider looking into a professional carpet cleaning. Orange County has no shortage of outfits willing to do the work, but not all carpet cleaners are created equal! If it's your first time shopping around for a reliable cleaner for your Orange county Carpets, you might be at a bit of a loss as to where to begin. No worries, Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring has your back with this quick cheat sheet of things you should look for in a quality Orange County carpet cleaning service.

Make Sure Their Workers Are Fully Insured

One of the most disastrous results of a botched carpet job is the legal ramifications it brings when trying to recoup your losses in the event of a mishap. One way to be completely sure that you're protected from the possibility of a protracted legal battle, is to be sure that your chosen company is licensed and insured for the work they will be doing.
Another important insurance consideration is whether or not the workers on your crew are covered by worker's compensation insurance through their company. In the event of an uninsured worker suffering an on-the-job injury, you could be left holding the bag for their medical bills. Making sure your chosen outfit is completely insured, is one of the best ways you can sort the quality outfits from the less-than-reputable ones.

Get it in Writing!

Another great way to keep yourself covered from hidden costs or disreputable cleaners, is to make sure they offer estimates in writing. By demanding all estimates be put in writing, you will send a message to dishonest cleaners that you mean business. This should scare off any fraudulent operators who would rather simply move on to someone less-likely to cause them legal trouble.

It's also not a bad idea to get a written list of references for previously completed work.

Are the Technicians Certified By the IICRC?

Certification from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is tantamount to having an accredited degree in carpet cleaning. This is easily one of the simplest ways to verify the qualifications of any given carpet cleaning outfit, with minimal effort on your part.

Go With the Best!

If you'd like to save yourself the hassle of finding a quality carpet cleaning service in Huntington Beach or other parts of Orange County, why not dispense with the hassle, and go with Orange County's most trusted name in carpet care, Bixby Plaza Flooring and Carpet?

Our technicians are fully certified, competent, and experienced, and they have all of the skills and knowledge that comes with decades of quality carpet service. Call, email, or stop by one of our showrooms in either Los Alamitos or Huntington Beach, CA for your free consultation!