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Three Tips for Maintaining a Clean Carpet

So, you've got your new carpet or, perhaps, you've just had your carpet cleaned and now you want to know how best to keep it that way. It's understandable, keeping your carpet clean is the best way to ensure that it has a long life and doesn't pose a risk to your respiratory health.

With this in mind, Bixby Plaza Carpets would like to offer a few quick tips to our fellow Orange County citizens. Carpet cleaning is only one aspect of carpet maintenance, but it is an important one. We will cover that as well as other techniques you can use to keep your carpet healthy and beautiful for years to come. Let's have a look!

• Regular Vacuuming

It may seem a bit obvious, but it's really the most important carpet cleaning technique for the health of your Orange County home's carpet.

Regular vacuuming will help keep your carpet free of dust, pollen, pet dander and all of the other respiratory irritants that tend to accumulate in your carpet's pile.

As a general rule of thumb, you should be vacuuming twice a week to maintain the cleanliness of your carpet. However, if you have a particularly high-traffic home, or have pets or children, you may want to consider vacuuming more frequently.

• Regular Carpet Cleaning

No matter how diligent you are about vacuuming, your carpet will accumulate dirt and grime on a deeper level than a simple vacuum cleaner can handle. Regular professional carpet cleaning is the best way to keep your Orange County home's carpet fresh and pollutant free.

It is generally recommended that you have your carpets professionally cleaned once per year, although people with particularly light colored floors, or those with higher traffic, may need to increase this to two or three times per year.

• Proper Stain Removal

No matter how careful you are, you are bound to run into a spill or two on your Orange County home's carpet. Cleaning these stains properly is an extremely important factor to ensure the longevity of your carpet.

First of all, don't rub the stain! This will only drive it further into the pile of your carpet. Instead, use a dabbing motion which will allow you to lift the stain and wipe away the moisture instead of driving it deeper.

Different stains have different substances that are better suited to lifting them. The methods are too numerous to list here and would warrant a whole guide dedicated just to that. We would recommend doing a little research online as to how to clean the spills most common in your home.

That being said, common white shaving cream is generally a reliable stain lifter. Simply spray the shaving cream onto the affected area, wait for about a half hour, and then clean it up by spraying it with vinegar. Be sure to use the dabbing technique when removing the cream with vinegar.

With proper care and regular cleaning, your carpets will look great, smell fresh, and stay comfortable for years to come. Hopefully, these tips will help you a bit along the way.