What Makes a Quality Carpet Install?

It is a commonly known fact that when it comes to carpet install, Orange County residents have a variety of options. The most popular option is to have your new carpet installed by the company that sold you the carpet. While this option is common, it has some flaws and may result in disappointing results. At Bixby Plaza Carpets, we want all of our customers, and those interested in becoming customers, to know a few facts about carpet installations in the hopes that this will help you make the most informed decisions.

We can start by saying that when it comes to carpet install, Orange County, California residents want quality results. No one wants to buy new carpet only to have it installed improperly. This is why it is important to always check with the installers to ensure that they are trained, experienced, licensed, and insured. Many people will say that they can install carpeting, but, in fact, do not have the skills or expertise to do a good job.

In order to hire a quality crew to do a quality carpet install, Orange County homeowners should always work with flooring companies that have a reputation for delivering superior customer service. It can takes years to develop such a reputation, but those flooring companies that have earned a great reputation are the ones you should buy from, regardless of the type of flooring you need. Again, the last thing any homeowner needs is problems with the carpet installation process.

Carpet installers who have both experience and expertise will know how to make strong, invisible seams (when needed); they will know how to properly stretch your new carpet so it does not wrinkle and appear loose; they will know how to secure the carpet so it does not come away from the walls; and they will know how to inspect their own work before they leave the job site.

With all of that said, when it comes to quality carpet install, Orange County homeowners often turn to Bixby Plaza Carpets and our Huntington Beach showroom for superior flooring products and installations.