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When is the Right Time to Start With Professional Carpet Cleaning

The short answer: 12 to 18 months after it is installed.

Whether you live in Orange County or elsewhere, carpets need to be cleaned regularly. The general rule is every 12 to 18 months, but they might require it more often, if, for example, you have kids, pets, heavy foot traffic, or if you smoke.

Some people think, “Oh, I don’t need it, my carpet is still new,” but they are wrong and Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring explains why.

Here’s Why You Want Professional Carpet Cleaning, Orange County

● It extends the life, and that’s just one reason, Orange County, why you want carpet cleaning.

We enjoy an active, outdoor lifestyle, with close proximity to the water. We hike, swim, bike and play sports, so it’s easy for dirt, sand and water to be dragged into the house.

Sand is sharp, and can break down fibers so the rug starts to look dull and old, no matter what the age. Water and moisture create an ideal atmosphere in which mold and mildew can start growing; they create havoc by exacerbating allergies and asthma, and destroying property, not to mention that your house may smell pretty terrible!

● If you don’t clean your carpet regularly, stains and dirt will set in and become difficult, if not impossible, to remove when you do clean. That means your rug will always look dirty, even when you do clean it.

● If you don’t clean them, it can hurt your wallet in so many ways. It’s not just the cost of possible replacement, but today, most carpet manufacturers stipulate in their warranties that professional cleaning is a must. If you don’t heed that requirement, damage, that may not even be our fault, won’t be covered.

Did You know This About Carpet Cleaning, Huntington Beach?

People sit and kids play on the floor. Carpet fibers trap food particles, insect fragments, mites, dirt, dust, and the only way to get rid of them is deep, professional cleaning. Vacuuming alone doesn’t do the trick.

The pros have machines that can go deep into fibers, more deeply than any vacuum or rental steam machine could. They also have high tech fans that dry right away, not giving mold and mildew any chance to grow.

Still have questions? Come into the showrooms at Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring so we can tell you more. We’re in Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos, CA.