Bathroom Designs

When it comes to baths, timeless designs aren’t all that timeless. Designers and architects tell us that the cycle of design – that is, the cradle-to-grave aging of your kitchen and bath to a point at which that design is officially out of date – occurs about every 10 years.

Think back to the ‘90s, ‘80s and ‘70s. Those looks have timed-out. But like the retro looks of the ‘40s, ‘50s and 60s, those looks or a sense of those looks will eventually come back.

Sure, some looks are indeed timeless, but they are actually classic looks from decades ago that really cannot go out of style again. Then there are trends that come and go and come again but in slightly different ways, retro as they might be.

Baths, those personal retreats, continue to have that spa feel or that of a romantic getaway. It might be that claw-foot bathtub, rustic/modern fixture or shower that feels more like a gentle rain. And let’s not forget steam.

Look for unusual fixtures. They don’t have to be porcelain and they don’t have to be white! Sinks now come in shapes that look like elegant boudoir bowls in glass and countertops and tile walls to match or coordinate.

Stainless steel and other metal looks are creeping into the bath, from the sink to the toilet bowl itself, not to mention showers and shower systems.

For the bathroom consider lighting – the elements that create illumination and the direction, intensity and tone of lighting – is gaining more attention.

And let’s not forget the floors! Whether it is for bathrooms or even kitchens today, there are so many water resistant and waterproof choices; it’s not your grandmother’s bathroom any more! From high definition porcelain tile, to wood-like looks of luxury vinyl tile the choices, styles, colors and textures are unlimited for whatever you choose for you lifestyle or mood for your home.