Why get a carpet installation in Orange County?

Why get a carpet installation in Orange County?

If you’re redoing your floors for a renovation, you may be wondering if you should consider getting a carpet installation in Orange County. For homeowners who have never had soft surfacing in their home, they may not have a clear understanding of its advantages. Or, perhaps, they may have heard certain things, and wish to clarify what it’s really like to get a carpet installation in Orange County. To help answer some of your questions, our Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring pros in our Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos, CA showroom, have come up with the following guide.

The top 3 pros of getting a carpet installation in Orange County

1 – It’s great for allergies and asthma
One common misconception about a carpet installation in Orange County is that it’s very bad for people who suffer with allergies and asthma. Certainly, this is not the case at all, and in fact, the exact opposite is the truth. You see, the fibers act like a giant sponge, entrapping airborne particles. In essence, everything that normally bothers individuals with breathing issues, like pollen, dander, dust, and dust mites is simply caught in the fibers, kept there until they’re vacuumed up, thus removing them from the ambient environment.

2 – It’s less expensive than many other flooring options
When compared to solid hardwood, for example, soft surfacing is significantly less expensive. Of course, the larger the surface area of the space getting a carpet installation in Orange county, the more you’ll save in renovation costs. In this comparison, we’re also taking into account the quality of materials. As such, when you contrast high-quality fibers against average to mid-level planks, you’re essentially comparing the best quality of carpeting versus basic wood slats, and still the fibers beat them hands-down!

3 – It’s super easy to keep clean
Lastly, forget about any negative comments regarding a carpet installation in Orange county and how much of a pain it is to clean, because it’s not true! Thanks to modern-day manufacturing materials and incredibly advanced top-coat treatments, soft surfacing is indeed super easy to clean. Of course, if a major stain develops in the fibers, you’ll probably need to call a professional cleaning team, but for the most part, you’ll only need to vacuum regularly and spot clean any food or liquid mishaps.