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Why Orange County Carpets Need Regular Cleaning

As if home ownership or rents weren’t expensive enough! The last thing you need is to replace your furnishings or home accessories, so you want to keep your carpet in tip-top shape with cleaning, Orange County.

The need for replacement is exactly what happens when rugs aren’t professionally cleaned. Vacuuming isn’t enough, because they just can’t get deep down into the fibers.

Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring, a professional carpet cleaning service in Orange County, is going to explain why. While everyone needs to do it, it’s especially important here.

● Water: The farthest you’ll go to get to the ocean is 20 miles, and some cities even have surf beaches. Waves are just one reason why you should have carpet cleaning in your Huntington Beach home. Water and moisture can make mold and mildew grow, and it doesn’t take long. Mold can start to grow in 12 hours and, once it does, it can really wreak havoc in your home, not to mention you’ll never get the smell out of your house.

Incidentally, that’s also why you shouldn’t be tempted by those do-it-yourself steam carpet rental machines; the flooring gets wet all the way down to the padding, and it takes a lot longer than 12 hours to dry. The pros have high-powered fans that do the job fast.

Mold also needs “food” to grow, and dirt is perfect. You can easily track both dirt and moisture in on the soles of your shoes.

● Sand: You might think, “Why do the teeny particles in my Orange County home create the need for carpet cleaning? Well, they might be small, but they’re also like little razor blades, so they can cut the fibers or make the flooring so dirty, that it all mats down and makes the floor look dull and flat. Also keep in mind that the longer a stain sets, the more difficult it will be to remove, so it will always look dirty. It’s really the same philosophy as you’d apply to your clothes or other belongings.

● Droughts and Winds: These create the perfect conditions for sand to get into your home. Droughts erode the soils, and when there’s an especially long period of dryness, all protective barriers are gone. Then when the wind kicks up, the particles drift along trees, fences and even the air, creating “dust storms” where those little particles come right into your home.

Bixby Plaza and Carpets has showrooms both in Huntington Beach and Los Alamitos, CA. Feel free to come in and we’ll tell you more.