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Why should you consider a new carpet installation for your Orange County home?

If you've caught the Summer renovation fever, and think it might be time to give your floors a makeover, you're probably wondering about which flooring material to choose. It's a big decision that requires a hard, honest look at your lifestyle, budget, and design goals.

If you're still in the info-gathering phase of your flooring project, we'd like to share some info that might make you consider a carpet installation for your next big Orange County renovation! Here are a few reasons to consider carpeting for your next remodel!

It's quiet

If you have heavy-steppers or rowdy kids in the house that make a lot of noise, you might want to consider choosing a carpet installation for your Lively Orange County home!

Carpeting acts as a sonic insulator that dampens the travel of sound from one room to another. This makes it an excellent choice for music rooms, hallways, playrooms, or any other room of the house where you might find the "happy noise" of a lively home.

It helps with energy costs

A new carpet installation in your Orange County home can insulate more than noise, it can even keep your home cozy, and help cut those heating and cooling costs a bit. Carpeting is like a big blanket for your floor that helps keep any room it is in well-insulated against the heat of Summer, or the chill of Winter.

That means you will see a drop-off in the amount you pay for heating and cooling costs. Not bad!

Cleaner air

Carpet fibers are comfortable, but they are also functional. Dust and allergens that would normally be allowed to fly free throughout the home, get trapped in the carpet fiber until they are safely vacuumed up. This means you can breathe easier, knowing that your air isn't filled with pollutants and irritants that can inflame allergies and asthma!

Considering a carpet installation in Orange County?

If you think carpet might be the answer to your flooring needs, Bixby Plaza Carpets and Flooring would love to help you find the best carpets at the lowest prices, so you can get the look you want at a price you'll love!

Take advantage of our free, no-obligation flooring estimate and consultation to find out more about what carpet can do for you! Simply contact one of our showrooms in either Huntington Beach or Los Alamitos to get started!