Will Long Beach CA Housing Market Take Hit Due to Gas Leak?

For some who live in Long Beach, carpet installation, and other types of home improvements, may be on their minds but not for the reasons we often think of. News about the recent gas leak in the Long Beach area has led many homeowners to wonder if their property values will be lowered because of this event. For many homeowners, the idea of investing into their home in these times of uncertainty may cause them to delay as these issues get worked out. A recent update on this subject was published by The Los Angeles Daily News. It read:

“The gas leak above Porter Ranch — which has attracted national attention and a lawyer feeding frenzy...is also casting a pall over the residential real estate market...Most of the homes cost more than $1 million, but they are probably worth less today than when the leak at well site SS 25 in the Southern California Gas Co.’s huge Aliso Canyon storage facility in the Santa Susana Mountains was discovered on Oct. 23.”

Source: The Los Angeles Daily News, <a href="http://www.dailynews.com/business/20151213/housing-market-to-take-hit-from-porter-ranch-gas-leak">Housing market to take hit from Porter Ranch gas leak</a> by Gregory J. Wilcox.
The important thing for most Long Beach homeowners to understand is that their property values may not be affected that this gas release. For these homeowners in Long Beach, carpet installation, hardwood flooring installation or any other type of home improvement will still be a worthwhile investment. While it is true that some homes in the area will have to deal with this unfortunate event, not all homes will be in that same boat.

In fact, when it comes to homeowners in Long Beach, carpet installation is still one of the best and most affordable ways to increase home value. New flooring, including carpeting, is also a great way to help improve the overall look of the home and to bring a fresh, new appeal to any room, or rooms, within the home. Because retailers in Long Beach have carpet prices marked low this time of year, putting the project off may actually cost more in the future.

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