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Wintertime Tips for Carpet Cleaning in Orange County

As depressing as it seems, it'll be winter before you know it and you'll be, once again, left to deal with dreaded wintertime carpet cleaning in Orange County. Fear not! Bixby Plaza Carpets has some excellent advice to keep those beautiful carpets looking as good as new!

Wintertime ushers in some pretty annoying weather. Depending upon where you live, you have to deal with rain and snow, as well as the sludge and dirt that inevitably tracks into your house and onto your precious carpets. What's a carpet owner to do?

Make Carpet Cleaning in Orange County a Real Breeze!
Keep a Spot Cleaner On Hand: The second you find a scuff, spot, or stain, apply a generous amount of spot cleaner. To make sure that those undesirable marks come out without a hassle, you'll need to apply the spot remover as soon as possible. Are you uncertain as to what product you should use on your carpet? Then visit Bixby Plaza Carpets at their Huntington Beach or Los Alamitos, CA showrooms, where you will find carpet experts that are knowledgeable carpeting pros who will help you make the best choice.

Protect Your Carpets With Rugs and Mats: To minimize the likelihood of debris, grime, and moisture contacting your carpet, add some high-quality, waterproof mats at every entryway. Make sure to regularly clean these protective mats to reduce debris from being tracked throughout your house, and consequently dirtying or staining your carpet.

Guard the Inside of Your Home By Keeping its Exterior Clean: Although you may not realize it, keeping the exterior of your house clean reduces interior carpet mishaps. As you can imagine, if your front yard has a ton of decaying leaves, household members, pets, kids, and guests will most probably track them inside. Reduce the amount of gunk outside to avoid messes from entering the home.

Vacuum Your Carpets as Often as Possible: By and large, regardless of the season, the easiest way to maintain clean carpets, is to vacuum them as often as possible. Ideally, you'd be vacuuming high foot-traffic areas on a daily basis. The trick to carpet cleaning in Orange County is knowing when to change the vacuum bag. To keep your vacuum running efficiently and suctioning properly, empty the bag once it's half full. Aside from keeping your carpet clean, vacuuming with a premium brand vacuum prolongs the appearance and lifetime of your carpet.